“Noel Robinson was appointed Project Manager for the implementation of Dynamics AX, the new Wickliffe ERP system in February 2008. Wickliffe is an integrated communications provider with significant revenue from print, warehousing, logistics, and electronic commerce. Wickliffe employs 300 people nationally across New Zealand, of which 200 are active ERP users. The project was complex and followed an earlier unsuccessful implementation project.

Noel’s project management at Wickliffe was very structured and professional. His methodology identified and engaged all stakeholders and established a clear project structure incorporating feedback mechanisms as well as management and control at every level. This included a Steering Committee for project governance and project teams for each significant thread of activity and user groups to develop and verify specifications and requirements. Each of these teams and activities were co-ordinated and monitored using very comprehensive reporting with easy to read, dynamic documents on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. These reports clearly defined project progress and highlighted deviations from expectation and areas for urgent attention. This discipline enabled each member of the team to prioritise activity, optimise resource allocation and so secure project targeted outcomes.

This combination of project structure and reporting, as well as careful planning at the outset, delivered a smooth well functioning project. We valued Noel’s input to our project highly and have no hesitation in endorsing and recommending him as project manager.

Charles MillerGeneral Manager, Operations, Wickliffe Limited